Warrensburg Water and Sewer Services 

At Dittmer Ditching, we offer the best Clinton septic installation, excavation, bulldozing, and water services. If you are looking for a highly rated and reviewed company to handle your excavation needs, look no further than Dittmer Ditching. We are happy to assist with any of your needs and look forward to working with you! 


Dittmer Ditching has the equipment and expertise to accomplish many different types of excavation projects. As an excavation contractor, we have to overcome a great deal of challenges and are capable of accomplishing many different tasks under adverse conditions. 

Over the years, we have invested time and training into accomplishing many different types of excavation work. If you are looking for excavation services, click below to learn more.

Septic Systems

Dittmer Ditching follows all state, county and local regulations on all our system installation projects. We are licensed with the state of Missouri to install conventional and advanced septic systems. From the initial design to the final septic system installation, Dittmer Ditching is your quality choice for onsite septic system needs. 

Your septic system installation is one of the single largest investments you will make for your home and the environment. With proper maintenance, your new septic system can last a lifetime.


Whether it is a lake, pond, or just clearing an area of trees for the perfect view, the experience of the bulldozer operator is of the utmost importance to fulfilling your vision.

The knowledge of the bulldozing company with a little exploration can also prevent the landowner from wasting their money on a pond or lake that leaks due to unsuitable conditions. Here at Dittmer Ditching, we are dedicated to achieving our customers’ wishes, and nobody wishes for their lake or pond to drain away through the dam. So hire the top rated bulldozing contractor today.