Excavation Sedalia MO Projections You May Be Familiar With:


Pettis County School Drip System Excavation Sedalia MO

We put a very large drip system in for the Pettis county R12 school. We installed two 1500-gal pump tanks, a recirculating sand filter and 14,190 feet of drip line both with pump tanks for the sand filter and to pressurize the drip lines.

Holiday Inn Express Sewer Lines, Manhole, and Grease Trap Install:

For the Holiday Inn Express, we performed the excavation Sedalia MO by installing a six-inch sewer line and put a new manhole and grease trap in for the Hotel. We installed the 6-inch fire line with a fire hydrant also.

Over the years, we have done many different types of projects in the area and are capable of doing many different types of projects including demolition, excavation, brush clearing, septic system installation, pond and lake excavation, sewer and water line installation.

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What Sets Us Apart?


So if you were looking for a reliable excavation Sedalia MO company, then you’re at the right place. Over here with Dittmer Ditching, we take the time to make sure our customers are properly communicated with so we can offer them the great results that they need. With the typical excavation Sedalia MO you’re having to deal with situations in which they don’t mind wasting your time. So we help you prevent these situations by properly communicating every step of the way, really making it plain and clear what we can help you with.

We are very detail oriented with every project. So the next time you need an excavation Sedalia MO you can really count on Dittmer Ditching for a job done right the first time. We take pride in what we do, making sure that it’s actually done the way it’s supposed to be done the first time around. We achieve these kinds of results because we follow a process that allows us to not miss out on important details and crucial steps to the integrity of the project.

Another reason you’ll definitely be glad you chose us for your excavation Sedalia MO is that we are the highest rated excavation company in the area! Go ahead look us up yourself and look in surrounding areas we have more five star reviews for you to read than anyone else does. You can click here to read them! We achieve great results and satisfy customers because that’s what we do our work for. You don’t simply get over 65 5-star Google reviews on accident! It’s by really taking the time to make sure that every customer that you do work with is well satisfied with everything that you do. This takes a sense of purpose and care to take the time and be able to really make sure the customers are satisfied. This is why when you give us a call you can count on being well heard and well taken care of for your upcoming project. 

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We understand what it means to listen to our customers and make sure nothing gets messed. No matter what kind of excavation project you may need or even septic work, you can count on Dittmer Ditching to provide you with an exceptional experience. We have a variety of expertise here and really understand the full picture with each project that we take on. This is how we continue to provide our customers with the best experience and reliable results. When our customers call us they know that we’re upfront with expectations and we maintain communication throughout.



We have been serving our customers for over 60 years. With great experience under Dittmer Ditching belt, there’s nothing we haven’t done and no challenge we haven’t already tackled. We’re looking forward to demonstrating this as we learn more about your upcoming excavation Sedalia MO needs. Everything that we do is about building trust with our customers and providing them with met expectations and beyond.


Something that very easily sets us apart as excavation Sedalia MO Contractors is that our communication is superior. What does this mean? Well very simply, we actually call our customers back. As basic and essential this may sound, you may be very surprised how many customers we get ahold of who get surprised that an excavation company actually returned their call. This kind of communication extends into the project and every part of our process from start to finish.

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It’s about staying consistent with all that we do and really making sure our customers understand all of it is that we are doing to make sure that their project is done on schedule, on time and on budget! And if anything comes up during the project we make sure to properly communicate this to our customers so that they know what challenges he may be facing real time. The only time there’s a surprise to the customer is if expectations aren’t properly set, and we make sure to always let our customers know what curveballs and challenges we may face along the way. However we know what it really takes to tackle these challenges head-on and always make sure we never neglect the communication portion of dealing with our customers.




Over here with Dittmer Ditching, we have a variety of expertise in any kind of project you’re looking for. We do all excavation work, septic system installation, bulldozing, you name it! We specialize in all of these areas because we want to make sure to be able to serve our customers and what they need. And the great thing is that with all of the experience that we have in the variety of services we are able to really understand the big picture with every project that we take on. You would love to tell you more about what we can do for you and some of the benefits and working with us soon. Feel free to give us a call and ask any questions about this process and how we’re able to help you with your upcoming project as well. Don’t forget you can give us a call to schedule your free estimate sooner than later.