The typical prep work for excavation Clinton MO and getting a house built is finding the good lay of the land. You have to make sure that you’re not in a swamp, basically in a hole in the bottom of a Hill or something like that. And then you can be at the bottom of a Hill, but you don’t want to be where a couple of Hills converge, where you have a draw that comes in to where it’s flowing right into your house. I’ve seen people almost make that mistake until I talked them out of it. They don’t really realize sometimes what the conditions for making a good site really takes. You want to make sure that you don’t have ground that’s spongy or nasty, you know, or it just never wants to stiffen up. And you want to make sure that you have good drainage. Basically.

That’s the first thing for excavation Clinton MO, as far as just finding a site that works for you. Some people we’ve talked them out of the building, where they were planning on and showing them a better place to build, and that helped them out a lot. Really, some people have actually not even bought the piece of property that they were looking at because there was, wasn’t really a good site for it. You want to make sure that something can be done for drainage. That is number one. There’s usually only a couple of things that destroy a house and one is water and the other is fire. And most of the time it’s water damage that really causes all the issues with the place. You want to make sure that your driveway can be built properly to go in there. That how you come off of a road is very important.

You don’t want to be in the middle of a Hill most of the time coming onto a road. Cause you can’t see to get in and get out of the place. You want to make sure that the trees are gonna be back away from the house. You never it’s done. You really don’t want one right up next to your house. Bushes, things like that. That’s not really a good thing to have next to your house either. Excavation part of it. You just want to make sure that you, whenever you, if you put in a basement that you overdeck the basement by at least two to three feet a perimeter drain is extremely important for keeping the water away. And most people, they put the perimeter drain up on top of the footing and that’s not really the right way to do it, but they do it because it’s easy. The perimeter drain should be down beside the footing and don’t be scared to spend some money on some rock because that rock is what basically keeps your house dry. And it also acts as kind of like a shock absorber as far as the dirt, because a lot of people don’t realize this, but with excavation you have

Something to keep in mind with excavation Clinton MO is the different types of soil that will or you have what it’s called fat clay and you have what’s called lean clay. And if you have fat clay, what that means is that that clay will have a high shrink swell. And what it does is it when it gets wet, it swells up real big. And when it dries out, it shrinks down a lot. Now it’s great for making pawns. If you’re going to build ponds with a dozer excavate for, you know, other things or lagoons for septic systems that works good for that. Most of the time, that’s what you have to have in order to be,

Oh, have a lagoon accepted. But I’ve actually seen where ground would push in the side of septic tanks before with excavation Clinton MO. And I’ve actually seen where the ground swell held up so much and they did such a little, little bitty amount on the excavation, as far as putting it the S the perimeter drain back-filled with rock, and they just put dirt back around it. And then it swelled up so much when it got wet that it actually cracked the basement all over with the police and two inch wide cracks in it. I had never seen it that bad before, but what it basically came down to was this, when they ended, they didn’t put the perimeter drain back, right? You want to make sure that the house has good drainage away from it. And you want to make sure that the guttering is good on it, because you don’t want water going right down next to the house, because that can have caused issues. Even if you do have good drainage. A lot of times the key to a lot of it is to make sure that you have a nice gentle slope in all directions, going away from your house, or at least in the excavation process of making sure that it will, can be done in such a way that it makes all the ground slope away.

So there’s a lot more to it than what most people realize with excavation Clinton MO. You have to make drainage work, make sure that your ditches are done, right. You want that make, you don’t want water running down your ditches. So like when you build a road in the excavation process, you want to make sure that there’s a slight crown to the center or from the center out to the edges. That way sheds all the water away, off, off your road. And so it’ll do a couple of things is it’ll save you gravel for one thing.

And it will because it’s not, it’s not washing away constantly. And it’ll save you a lot of money and just work as far as maintaining that road for excavation Clinton MO. Most people don’t realize it, but when you excavate out for a street or a subdivision or anything like that, your curbs gutters along the edges of the street are usually actually lower than the crown of the streets. Just most people don’t see it because it’s, it’s kind of a slight thing that you do, but that’s what keeps it to where it’s safe for driving down the street when it rains so that you’re not driving through a pond all the time. But as far as building pawns and things you want, you want that good fat clay, unlike what you want around a house. And as far as if you want a lagoon, you want that good fat clay. If you’re putting in laterals or something like that, and a system that no one’s gonna see, you want it to where you have more of a leaner clay is basically the overall picture. You want something that moves water good, but not too good, because you don’t want the water to move too fast, because then it doesn’t get treated as it goes down, back into the water table. Because the whole idea of septic systems is that you’re going to the water before it can get to where, what we all drink.

A lot of times we have demolished houses and tore them down and haul them off and then built another house and a close to it, or in a different place with excavation Clinton MO. You gotta be careful if you want to do it in the right, if right back in the same spot, because if you do that, you want to make sure and get out all what’s called uncontrolled fill, and then you have to rebuild it with the lean clay, and then you have to do it Nate and lifts, and you have to compact it to at least a 95% density. It’s just like anything. Whenever you build something, if you don’t have a good foundation to start with, it’s the rest of the house, just isn’t going to work very good. I mean, it may work for a little bit, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that it’s going to start falling apart because everything depends upon that foundation. And that foundation depends upon the soil, dirt, whatever you want to call it and how it was taken care of and the excavation process before a concrete goes down. And if it wasn’t taken care of concrete, won’t, won’t stand up to it because most people don’t realize the actual weight of a house. And it’s, it’s a lot.

Excavation Clinton MO | Keep the whole process in mind

Another thing with excavation Clinton MO you want to do is you want to kind of make sure that you don’t have your utilities. Aren’t real far away. You want to make sure that your power line is, is not real far away, or if you got the money you can spend on it, then it doesn’t really matter, but you want to make sure that you’re well, driller is in, in understanding with your septic installer too, as far as keeping everything back from it. You have to have a minimum of a hundred feet between in state of Missouri. Anyway, you have to have a minimum of a hundred feet between a septic tank and lateral field in a and a well that’s a good thing, cause you don’t want your sewage water if it’s untreated or anything, to be able to migrate underground, it’s called subsurface movement to get to your Wells so that you end up drinking your own stuff there. We’ve seen cases of that where a guy didn’t really care what he was doing. And the a little old lady, he she was having High E-coli tests coming back on her well, and what it come down to was the sewer was oozing into her well, and she didn’t realize as it we, I try to do everything in such a way as the overall scheme of things you want to make sure when you excavate that all the water runs away. And as far as the away from the house, and as far as getting away from the house, you want to make sure that it doesn’t run towards where your septic system is going to go. You want to make sure that the septic system doesn’t have any more surface runoff,

I asked to in order to keep that dry you want to make sure that it diverts around the lateral, the tank is not so important because it’s usually sealed up during the excavation Clinton MO. But the lateral field is extremely important. And if you can’t get its work like you need to, then what you want to put in is called a curtain drain. And what it is is a forefoot did usually it usually goes down to where you, if you have a restrictive layer and what I mean by restrictive layer is, is that there’s a water line, basically that will water goes down to the ground so far hits that restricted layer and then moves horizontally along that layer. And so you want to go down into that restrictive layer, at least six inches

Where it diverts around the the lateral field so that the only water get into the lateral field is what you put in there through the system. Then the thing is you got to watch out is when you put your guttering down, you want to make sure that your guttering doesn’t want to go towards something that’s going to cause an issue. There’s a lot, a whole lot to it that a lot of people just don’t realize. And with excavation, you want to make a good, excavator’s going to take off all the top soil and stuff first, before they ever start digging out the hole. And they’ll try to do it in such a way that you put the other stuff back underneath, and then you spread the topsoil on top so that it can, you can actually have grass. Otherwise you’re going to end up with a barren yard for a long time. It’s not just dirt. It takes a lot more knowledge and understanding to know what to do with an order, how to deal with it and everything else to make everything come out. All right. If you were on a commercial project and you ended up doing what’s called nuclear density, which you actually have a device that releases radiation and goes down and comes back and hits the bottom of a scanner and checks for density and moisture and everything else You don’t have to do that kind of stuff for pawns or anything like that. But when you’re excavating out a pawn, you want to make sure that you get good compaction on that. Lots of people use dozers and stuff for their ponds. And that works as a general rule, but technically speaking, it should be vibratory compacted, but nobody does that. So unless it’s some kind of engineered SPECT pawn that, you know, it has to be that way

We’ll goons and things like that. It doesn’t require tha for excavation Clinton MO, Or so just, it kind of depends on the lady, your land, what your soil profiles are like and what you can do as far as making the ground, your house work with the ground and not try to fight it because water will always win. You will not be defeated. You have to learn how to work with it. The reason we have such great reviews is because we always try to explain all these things to people and get them to understand their land. Most of the time you get them to understand how their lands working better than they, they do. There, I met a few people that really knew what they were talking about and told me everything that they wanted done and everything. And I totally agreed with everything that they wanted to do, but a lot of times you have to kind of hold people by the hand and guide them in the right direction. And they usually appreciate that.

Everybody has a fine right amount of money that they can spend for excavation Clinton MO. And so you always try to make sure that what they want can be done within their budget and don’t get themselves in trouble. As far as their eyes getting too big for what they have a budget for. We try to make sure that people get exactly what they want without spending stupid amounts of money. And we try to always be customer oriented and taking care of them and help them, even after the job’s done. And a lot of people we help just begin. That’s just from phone calls and give them free advice on what they should do.

Yeah, it is. And isn’t rocket science, excavation Clinton MO, dirt work is a kind of a, it’s a science and an art as much as anything. I had a friend of mine telling me one time that we weren’t dirt workers, we were sculptors. And that’s basically what it is. Your it’s just your sculpting tools are a lot bigger than what most people use. Those are quite a bit bigger than a chisel, but that’s the basic gist of it. So we try to do a good job at it at a fair price. We don’t ever gouge people, but most of the time you have to, you have to do what people can do within their budget.